Transforming the way the world markets.

Creating awareness, building brand, generating leads, or getting event signups — marketing is getting increasingly complex for small and large organizations alike. Today, audiences are taking control; they expect interactive experiences and peer conversations. As marketers try to respond to this phenomenon, they need to balance limited resources on an ever increasing number of channels and tools; marketers also need to correlate multiple data points to optimize marketing effort and target their audience with relevant content.

While in marketing roles at technology companies and community organizations here in Silicon Valley, we found no tool that allowed us to be both creative and efficient with our marketing efforts, especially with various calls-to-action and campaigns pre- and post-events. We loathed the time and effort to custom build. We also noticed others facing similar challenges and pushing the boundaries on blogs and spreadsheets and email marketing to run contests and quizzes and so on. So we put our marketing and programming skills to work, to create a new marketing solution to satisfy the craving of the modern marketer.

In this modern marketing landscape, Tikkl leverages interactive content, social framework, and machine learning to make it delightfully simple for event marketers to engage audiences through relevant interactive campaigns, powered by their network, to drive the results they desire.

ART of Marketing: Attractive. Relevant. Trustworthy.

Tikkl is a marketing technology startup with offices in Sunnyvale, California and Bhubaneswar, India. Our mission is to get all marketers from around the world, from small businesses to large corporations, to "tikkl" their audiences — engage and elicit responses to calls-to-action, delightfully.