Transforming the way the world runs events.

We love events: the content, the people, the energy. We enjoy running events and have organized many types of events, from tech conferences to local dance shows to intimate alumni gatherings.

While tools to sell tickets were easy to find, it was another story to engage our audience to drive buzz and attendance. We struggled to find tools that would help us create effective interactive experiences necessary to spring today's audiences into action. We had to use a number of channels and tools, and grappled with correlating multiple scattered data points to get a clear picture of our attendees and our marketing efforts.

Interactive Content. Social Framework. Artificial Intelligence.

Enter Tikkl, a new event ticketing and marketing solution that will satisfy the craving of every modern event organizer. We leveraged interactive content, social framework, and artificial intelligence to build Tikkl. Organizers now have an all-in-one solution to promote and sell a variety of events, with highly-targeted and hyper-relevant promotional activities, achieving spectacular results with ease.

Every event hosted on Tikkl to date has been a sold-out success! Our goal is to get all event organizers, big or small, tikkl’ing event goers delightfully.