Transforming the way the world runs events.

We love events: the content, the people, the energy. We enjoy both attending and organizing them and have organized events of all types, from local dance shows to large tech conferences.

When we ran events, we could easily find tools to sell tickets or accept registrations online, but engaging our audience to drive buzz and attendance was another story. We struggled to find the tools that would help us create the effective interactive experiences necessary to spring today's audiences into action. We had to use a number of different channels and tools, spent more time than we had planned building our event sites, and grappled with correlating multiple scattered data points to get a clear picture of our attendees and our marketing efforts.

Engaging Events from the Get-Go

So we built Tikkl, a new event registration and ticketing solution that satisfies the craving of modern event organizers. We leveraged interactive content, social framework, and artificial intelligence to build Tikkl. Organizers now have an all-in-one solution to run events, with branded and beautiful event micro sites, social framework and AI powered marketing campaigns, and interactive pre- and post-event activities such as questionnaires, polls, contests, fundraising, and merchandise sales.

People First

We recognize that the most important part of an event are the people. And at Tikkl, people come first. Both organizers and attendees. That’s a promise.

We call every new customer to help them run their first event, reviewing event setup and recommending tips and tricks.

Our goal is to answer your and your attendees’ questions via our help desk in real time (within your specific support time window). We often have an attendee asking for directions or parking information just minutes before a show or wanting to upgrade tickets when they finally have time late at night.

We handle customer privacy and security with the utmost care. We do not force attendees to create Tikkl accounts in order to signup for events. Though, event organizers can choose to do so, in order to allow attendees to have greater control of their registration data. And we never sell attendees’ data. Their data is private and secure within the organizer’s silo on Tikkl.

Sold-out Success

Every event hosted on Tikkl to date has been a sold-out success! Our goal is to get all event organizers, big or small, tikkl’ing event goers delightfully and achieving spectacular results with ease.