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Run Interactive Campaigns, Powered by Your Network.

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One app for all your interactive campaigns.
Attract and engage modern day audiences delightfully with just about any call-to-action.

run contests, polls, news & articles, events, offers, questionnaires, polls, and fundraising.


Engage your network to drive participation in your campaigns.
People like, discuss, and share your campaigns.
Champions run referral drives. Partner businesses run joint campaigns.

mobilize your network.

Simply Beautiful

Publish beautiful branded campaigns in minutes. Templatized process. No web-design or web-development required.

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Promote your campaigns everywhere: HTML email, social media posts, widgets on your blog and website, and your network on Tikkl. All from one place.

publish to social media, web, email, and blog.


Gain actionable insights. See how people engage with you across all your campaigns. Consolidated automatically on Tikkl.

analyze campaign participation.